Forever is a lie

Forever? Forever is not at all Forever❤ We promise forever in a World🌏 where even our existence is temporary!💣

One morning you wake up and suddenly realise that the person with whom you used to share every article of urh life.. the person who was urh soulmate maybe not in a romantic way maybe as urh friend or even as your bestfriend❣is no longer in ur life. Strange isn’t it? Things change. People change. Promises are really broke. And all we can do is see them going and one day they fades away👀 We can’t do anything when the time isn’t in our favour.

People make promises that they can’t fulfil🔥uk what are the biggest lies in the world?Promises. It’s rightly quoted by John Green ” Some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make ’em. ” We all get caught in the game of sugar coated words💞and when the reality hits us hard..When All the promises get broken..When we realise That Forever is nothing but just a big lie ..Then we’re all left behind with only Regrets♥



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